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Damn you Starbucks and your $1 steamed milk!

January 11, 2010

When I found out Starbucks makes a kid’s steamed milk for $1 (and it’s warm, not burn-my-pallate-to-shreds-hot), I nearly died. So now we go all the time (yah, like we weren’t already there 5 days a week) and order one for Simone. I sprinkle chocolate and vanilla into it and give it to her with a straw. She sucks it back like a pro.

So for Xmas I got her a wee little insulated travel cup from Starbucks (don’t they have enough of my post-tax income already?) and now make steamed milk at home with our handy new milk steamer that we got with our fantabulous espresso maker (thank you Grandma & Grandpa).

Mornings now go something like this:

One steamed milk for Simone
One fully leaded cappuccino for Mommy
On goes Sesame Street
Mommy sits on couch, shuts her eyes, and takes a deep breath before battle of the socks/tights/shirts begins…


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