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Chow mein noodles

March 18, 2010

What could be better than noodles + sodium-based sauce? Nothing I tell you, nothing!

Stir fries (frys? that looks funny, it must be ‘fries’) are a favourite around here, I personally prefer the “one pot” method of cooking because it’s quick, easy, and there is less to clean up.

For a stir fry, I usually start by scrambling an egg in the wok, then once it’s done, remove it and place in a small bowl.
Then I add some grated zucchini and carrots and bean sprouts (onion too if you can cut it small enough so it adds flavour, but doesn’t “offend” the picky kid with its smooth texture).

***Product Promo alert!!!*** I recently purchased a julienne veggie peeler and it’s AWESOME. I shaved down the carrots and zucchini into fine perfectly uniform little strips. So easy and so perfect for a stir fry, better than grating in my opinion. I bought my little julienne gem from Pampered Chef.

Back to the recipe: After the veggies have cooked for a few mins, add the sauce & noodles: I use a combination of chicken broth, soy sauce + bit of sugar. But, if the mood strikes me, I also use oyster sauce and black bean. As for noodles, I typically use chow mein, which can often be bought in bulk. I add the scrambled egg back in at the end.

This is really easy, and the kind of thing that you can modify to satisfy your picky kid. If they like chicken, then put some small pieces of chicken in it, if they like ham, then go for it. Same with veg…sometimes it’s just about how it’s cut and what it’s with. I try to prepare my veg in a way that blends in with the part of the meal I know she loves – so with noodles, as I mentioned, I cut the veg julienne style, just in case she is shoveling the food in her mouth without noticing hidden orange and green pieces.

You can also add bean sprouts if you think they’ll go under the radar…

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