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(Orphaned) Tortilla Chips

June 17, 2010

Ok, so what to do with those last 2-4 tortillas in the bag? You know, it never fails…you make some lovely fajitas or quesadillas and without fail, there are always a few bloody tortillas left that either:

a: get thrown out
b: collect furry frost in the freezer (and then get thrown out)
c: grow legs in your fridge and find their way to the trash bin when your MIL comes over and screams in horror

I make “chips” with my orphaned tortillas. It’s easy, fast, and quite tasty paired with a dip (try my dead-simple white bean dip, or just buy humour or whatever you like).

Tortilla Chips

Brush left over tortillas with extra virgin olive oil (I use a silicon pastry brush, it spreads on easily and evenly)
Sprinkle with sea salt
Bake at cookie sheet at 400 degrees until crunch and just turning brown (but don’t burn)
Remove and break up into smaller “chip size” pieces

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