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Picky Kid Pizza

June 29, 2010
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Yay, another big milestone reached! We celebrate these in our home because it’s just so exhausting and frustrating trying to keep my Picky Kid happy and healthy.

Ever since Simone started eating pizza crusts (no, I’m not joking – crusts only), about a month ago, I’ve tried to wrap my brain around some sort of pizza solution.

So the other night, MIchael reported that he made pizza and she ate it…I know, I know, big deal, right? Your picky kid probably already eats pizza, but not mine. 😦

This is ridiculously easy and fast and so great for play dates. Obviously you can add more toppings or throw in some puree veg to the pizza sauce if you fancy that too.

Picky Kid Pizza

Pillsbury pizza dough
Can/jar pizza sauce
Shredded mozza

Assemble, bake, and serve with overflowing enthusiasm! Oh, and give a shout out to Italy too.

FORRRRRRRZA ITALIA (but please, let’s not talk about their World Cup performance ok?…)

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