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The near perfect chocolate chip cookie

July 9, 2010

Feel honoured. No really, I mean it, because this is a secret recipe that I was thinking of holding back, but I can’t. It’s too good not to share, and like they say in preschool, “sharing is caring” (gag). I love these cookies though, they are my favourite (aside from Sarah’s soft gingerbread recipe which I’ll post near Christmas) and they have some healthy components to them which is a bonus. I know I don’t feel the least bit of guilt sitting down and throwing 8 back in 15 minutes. 😉

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Crispy & Chewy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
1 cup butter, softened (if you do a lot of baking, just buy those cubes of margarine, so much easier. Each cube is 1/2 cup.)
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups quick cooking oats
1 1/2 cups Rice Krispies (or other puffed cereal…have tried the Kashi stuff, but it was a bit dry)
1 cup all purpose flour (I have also done half all purpose and half whole wheat and it’s GREAT).
1/2 bag of mini chocolate chips
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder

In large bowl, beat butter with brown sugar until fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time, then all vanilla.
In separate bowl, whisk together oats, rice cereal, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and chocolate chips.
Stir dry mixture into liquid.

Bake cookies at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. I set the timer for 6 mins;rotate & switch cookie sheets, then cook another 5 mins. Don’t over bake!

Must plug two of my favourite baking items here:
1. Pampered Chef stoneware – the only items that go into my oven. I cook potatoes and fish on them, and bake my cookies on them. Never grease or spray, food always comes out perfect.
2. Cookie scoop – it’s just like an ice cream scoop, but for cookie dough.

These are to die for after you take them out of the over. Crispy, soft, and chocolate-y. You’re welcome.

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  1. July 10, 2010 3:03 am

    Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing Andrea!

  2. July 12, 2010 3:01 am

    Give it a try and let me know what your kids think. These are a fav in our house!

  3. Pamela permalink
    October 26, 2010 11:29 pm

    I can vouch for these…I was lucky enough to have inhaled 3 in 5 minutes….am going to whip up a batch tonight…thanks Andrea!

  4. October 27, 2010 4:12 pm

    I hope they turn out great! I think they are best on the day cooked, which means you SHOULD inhale up to a dozen in one sitting. In fact, I insist on this. 🙂

  5. Christina permalink
    April 4, 2011 11:53 pm

    I’m *so* going to make these tonight– and maybe I’ll even share! Thanks Andrea 🙂

    • April 5, 2011 2:06 am

      Awesome! Let me know how it goes and if you share them. ;). My husband gets mad when I make these b/c he knows they’re always for giving away. Can’t help it…baked goods in my house are dangerous to keep around!

  6. Pamela permalink
    May 20, 2011 12:00 am

    Made them again, today! And they were gobbled up by the kids. I’m usually not this faithful when it comes to recipes but I’m hitting 3 for 3 here.

  7. October 30, 2011 12:59 am

    I made them again for my kids’ school bake sale yesterday. They were so disappointed that they wouldn’t be staying in the house….


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