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July 26, 2010

Well now here’s a gem of a find.

My mother-in-law (you know her as Nanny) prepared a lovely and simple little dinner for Simone recently, courtesy of Ikea. She made IKEA meatballs (they come frozen in a bag and you simply reheat in oven or microwave) and dipped them in the lingonberry sauce (seriously, what IS a lingonberry anyway?).

I was shocked to say the least. First of all the last time I check, meatballs are made of, well, um, meat! And I’ve barely seen Simone eat meat before. Secondly, they are not a dry beige carb, so anything outside of that food group is a real shocker for me.

The other night when Simone refused to eat my Carbonara for dinner (she has no idea what she’s missing, it’s so delicious) I negotiated her to 3 meatballs. Although I hate that she won’t eat what’s put in front of her, I feel pretty victorious in her devouring something else that has nutrition & protein (eg. NOT goldfish crackers).

Give them a try next time you visit IKEA to pick up a lamp or throw rug. You never know…could be a hit with your picky kids at home.

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  1. July 27, 2010 4:41 am

    Jake likes them too. I always buy a bag for my freezer when i go to Ikea. Great tip!


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