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Picky, yet open-minded

August 7, 2010

My meat-eating meat-loving husband introduced me to a restaurant near City Hall in Vancouver, where he was working during the spring. So here’s the catch. It’s a vegan restaurant. Yup, vegan. And although I sat down and raised one skeptical eye brow at the menu, my picky kid dove in feet first without a trace of hesitation. “Rice with sauce”, is what she ordered.

And “rice with sauce” is what she ate. Lots of it.

A Loving Hut is the restaurant and I can honestly say, the food is divine. Simone inhaled the rice pot and I thoroughly enjoyed the vegan pizza (I know – what the hell is it made of? Don’t know, don’t care, I liked it and so did she, so that’s all I care about).

And in true picky kid manner, Simone finished my pizza crust too. 😉

A Loving Hut has a location in Toronto and Vancouver – check it out if you are feeling adventurous and feel like taking a break from being a carnivore.

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