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Tempura…vegetable, right?

September 7, 2010

“Shoo Shee” is what she calls sushi, and what she really means is lightly battered vegetables, preferably slices of potato. But nonetheless, I’m not going to get too bent out of shape that it’s really just battered & deep fried vegetables, because sometimes we need to rejoice the small (microscopic in my case) victories in life. Such as….wait for it….zucchini tempura!

Oh yah, she ate green, oh yah, oh yah.

We’ve been taking Simone out for sushi a lot lately, beats cooking on a hot day, and she loves her miso soup (mmm…sodium), steamed rice, and now tempura. Ok, it’s not the most well-balanced meal with every food group being consumed, but come on, it’s something and it’s a meal out for us that doesn’t involve french fries or hash browns. 🙂

And best of all, the other day she grabbed the shrimp out of my dynamite roll, and downed the whole thing (tail and all). Michael and I watched in amazement and horror and kept our big mouths shut.

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