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Genius Dessert Idea

October 18, 2010

Where would I be without my good friend Kathy, and her brilliant recipes and food tips? She is the person who told me about adding a jar of sweet potatoes to alphaghetties…and guess what? It’s a serving of vegetable so get over it that it’s also alphagetties! But the great thing about this is you could also just chuck a jar of sweet potatoes into some simple tomato sauce or soup, or whatever.

And here’s where she gets even more clever.

Add a jar of sweet potatoes to some chocolate pudding mix. Yup, you heard me. Stop gagging and read on: We had this last week at Kathy’s house, and again the other night when she came over with the girls to help us get through the other half of the 18lb turkey we cooked for Thanksgiving. The girls loved it, and you can hardly taste the sweet potato.

I declare this a vegetable victory!

Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

1 jar sweet potato baby food

1 package chocolate pudding

“nearly” 2 cups of milk

Empty jar of sweet potato into measuring cup. The basic pudding recipe calls for 2 cups of milk, so just pour milk over the sweet potato and fill up to the 2 cup mark. Mix in a bowl with powdered pudding, using a whisk, then portion in individual serving bowls, cover, and chill in fridge.

What’s your favourite secret ingredient dessert?

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