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Beat it, bread it, fry it

October 25, 2010

We lie. Every once in a while, a little white lie here and there doesn’t really hurt anyone (does it?); and I just find it’s sometimes absolutely necessary to get us through a meal and have some success.

Last week we watched Simone devour a friend’s dinner: schnitzel. I nearly fell off my chair (partly because I wouldn’t bring veal schnitzel near my own lips) watching her chew and swallow piece after piece. Her friend Ryan started to just feed her like a baby, right off her own fork!

Michael laughed and said, “see we have a meatavore on our hands!” Of course I still can’t believe it.

So tonight I made “schnitzel”, which was actually turkey cutlets, but call it what you want, it was really delicious and Simone ate one decent sized piece so I can count this as a victory.

Turkey “schnitzel” cutlets

1 pack of turkey cutlets (about 5 thin slices per pack)

Box of panko Japanese bread crumbs (potato flakes work; or use your own; whatever you like)

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

2 eggs; beaten

dry herbs (sage, thyme)

Beat eggs in a bowl and add dijon. Transfer to a shallow dish.

In another shallow dish/plate, mix panko with spinkle-serving of dry herbs (not too much to overwhelm, just enough to add a little flavour).

I tenderize each piece of turkey, then dip in egg/dijon, then coat with panko and herbs. Pan fry each over med-high heat piece for a couple minutes each side, so the outside turns golden brown.

Turn the over on to 175 degrees, and place fried pieces on a cookie sheet to keep them warm until ready to serve. For a side dish, I make frozen mixed veggies.

Serve turkey cutlets with lemon slices (and ketchup if that means your picky kid will eat some!).

You can also use this same recipe for chicken strips and bake instead of pan fry.

Enjoy your schnitzel!

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