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My Picky Kid LOVES Whistler

May 30, 2011

Oh how times have changed. When I first started going up to Whistler for weekend getaways there were usually multiple trips made to the liquor store made; food was a low priority and often replaced with hearty drinks like caesars; and, bed time kicked in around 2:30am. Now, I load up on yogurt drinks and cheerios; scout out the most kid-friendly places in the Village; and, look for the early bird breakfast joints that make uber-strong lattes at 7am. Ah yes…life has changed.

I have a few favourites in Whistler and now Simone helps me build on this list. In the non-food category, I will say hands-down that the Westin Whistler is our absolutely favourite place to stay. Great location (in the Village, but away from the late night party joints), comfortable rooms (full kitchens), and of course the most important feature – indoor/outdoor pool and 2 hot tubs. Simone wouldn’t settle for less (can you say budding “Whistler Snob”?)


Best muffins and lattes (cash only) can be found at Moguls (read Yelp reviews here), near the liquor store in the centre of the (old) village. How the hell do they make those muffins so damn big? Somebody, please tell me.

Just as a side note: I bring up pre-packaged baggies of oatmeal and make a bowl in the morning for Simone since she’s usually ready to eat her left arm by 7:30am. Kitchens have kettles of course, then you just need to pack a bit of milk and small container of apple sauce to make it “just like home”.


I’m addicted to the sandwiches served at Ingrid’s in the (old) village; across from The Body Shop. Healthy, hearty, and I’ve been going there for 20 years so kind of old hat for me now. Best of all, they have a chicken schnitzel that Simone devours…it brings tears to my eyes. While I order a veggie sandwich, my meatavore sits there with her fork and knife and slays her schnitzel like she’s some sort of wild beast. Grrrr.

Speaking of carnivores, my husband insisted on going to Splitz Grill for a burger and was very pleased that it had lived up to its reputation. Lots of options for dressing up your hunk of cow at Splitz and terrific service.


I have to admit, this is a bit tough. There are no shortage of places my picky kid will eat at, but they’re just not that exciting. While there are a lot of family-oriented places, they’re all chains. White Spot, Milestones (has moved up near Four Seasons over by Chateau), Earls, Keg, Spaghetti Factory…these don’t do anything for me to be honest. We’ll have to explore some other options next time (have heard good things about Wildwood and Ric’s Grill). Suggestions are welcome!

There’s no doubt Simone loves Whistler. How much you ask? Well, please, let me tell you. She fell asleep in the car before we left the village and woke up in Squamish then proceeded to cry (like, bawl her eyes out cry) the entire drive back to Steveston. “I want to go back to Whistler…turn the car around…I want to go to the Westin.” Kudos to Michael for not driving off a cliff and straight into the Pacific. P-A-I-N-F-U-L!

Until next time…


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