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“Orzo makes me dance”

June 1, 2011

This recipe is too simple to have a proper blog post title, so I’m just going to call this what Simone just said while eating dinner.

Me: “How’s your dinner tonight?”

Simone: “Good. Orzo makes me dance and meatballs make me big and strong.”

Oh yah? Well, martinis make me the life of the party.  😉

This is a pretty standard meal for Simone…always reliable, consistent, and gets eaten so makes me happy. You can play around with the portions however you like, but I’ll provide what I do each time just because it works nicely and lasts a couple meals so I can just reheat a couple nights later. Uber lazy, I know. Stop judging me.

Orzo with tomato sauce

2/3 cup uncooked orzo (boil in water as you would regular pasta; rinse once cooked and return to pot)

1 small can tomato sauce* (heat in separate pot; pour on cooked orzo and stir & serve)

Add meatballs to the pasta or serve separately

*The small can of tomato sauce I buy is from Save On Foods; it’s Western Family brand and is a mini-can, so about 7oz or 213ml. This can combined with the 2/3cup orzo is perfect…but like I said, you can cook a larger portion of orzo with a standard 14oz can of tomato sauce if you like.

Ok, now to add some nutrition to this recipe. Consider the following:

1 jar sweet potatoes/yams

Puree vegetables

Puree chickpeas

Parmesan cheese

It’s pretty wide open for adding whatever you like, or keeping it ridiculously simple with the orzo and sauce. For some reason, orzo has always been a big hit with our picky kid so I encourage you to try this with your youngster if they are just starting to eat pastas & carbs.

And whoa! Look out for the dancing that comes next…

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