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Baked tomato/bruschetta sauce

August 19, 2011

This little gem of a recipe can be used as a sauce on pasta, or as a topping on bruschetta. I’ve done both (in less than one week) and it’s safe to say, that it works brilliantly for either. I enjoyed making the bruschetta version as an appetizer when we had guests over. And thanks to my growing green thumb (ok – let’s be honest, thanks to the weather lately) my herbs have grown really well which added a nice touch to this dish.

If your picky kid starts to dry heave at the thought of eating tomatoes, just puree the final product and serve up with his or her favourite pasta/noodles. Or, add a scoop of the sauce to alphagetties! Voila…instant healthy meal! 😉

Baked Tomato/Bruschetta Sauce

Grape or cherry tomatoes – sliced in half (I bought grape because they were in season, in bulk, and filled at least 1/2 a produce plastic bag)

3 cloves garlic (pressed)

1tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

S&P (to your discretion…but tomatoes do love salt so don’t hold back too much)

Fresh basil, fresh & dried oregano (see instructions below)

Ok…so here goes my 2 different set of instructions for bruschetta and for pasta sauce.

For bruschetta: Bake tomatoes, oil, garlic, S&P, vinegar in a glass or other oven safe dish (not metal or aluminum). Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Toast up your baguette slices, then scoop a spoonful of baked tomatoes on each piece and top with sliced fresh basil (no oregano).

For tomato sauce: Bake tomatoes, oil, garlic, S&P, vinegar, and half of the fresh herbs (basil & oregano) along with a sprinkle of dried oregano, in a glass or other oven safe dish (not metal or aluminum). Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Add the rest of your fresh basil and serve over cooked pasta – I’d recommend penne as it’s a good “sauce scooper”.

If you wish to add some protein to this dish, add a can of (drained & rinsed) chickpeas to the sauce and bake with the tomatoes. I also sprinkled some leftover feta on our pasta before serving. Yum, yum.

Now hurry to the farm and get your grape or cherry tomatoes before they become over-priced this fall and for sale in packs of 6.

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