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Hero meals

February 23, 2012

Every once in a while I manage to stumble across something for my picky kid to eat that literally makes me feel like a hero. You know..those throw together meals that required no cooking whatsoever and your 4 year old is singing your praises and thanking you for “cooking” (eh-hem) such a great dinner?

I love being a hero.

I have 2 hero meals in rotation right now:

1. Shredded chicken wrap

2. Deli turkey roll up

It all started with the shredded chicken, which I told you about in this post a couple weeks ago. I did up another batch of chicken in the crock pot to make my shredded chicken, but this time I added some chilli powder and TexMex seasoning so I could use it for my Mexican dishes. BTW – so frickin’ good, you seriously need to do this with all your raw chicken.

Inside small tortilla shells, I added a small portion of the shredded chicken (warmed up in microwave) along with some freshly squeezed lime juice.

She ate it. All of it. She loved it and asks for chicken tortilla with lime juice every other night.


The second meal is not so much a meal, but a snack, but those lines are blurred around here so call it whatever you want. Based on the chicken tortilla meal, I took a slice of natural turkey deli meat (you can now buy sulphate-free deli meat from the grocery store; I believe it’s Maple Leaf Natural Selection brand) rolled it up, and served with (get this) mustard and lime juice for dipping.

Kinda weird, slightly gross, but still…total hero.

Since I’m constantly catering to picky tastes around here, even the smallest of victories is monumental for me! So quick, someone pin a badge on me before I lose this moment forever.  😉

Have any hero meals that you can share…I’d love to hear them.

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