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What a good eater looks like

June 28, 2012

Oh my sweet, sweet, baby girl. Giselle is such a good eater I can honestly say that I am so relieved and delighted by this. I have never seen a baby so excited, enthusiastic, and happy about food.

What a difference from Simone!

I just had to post a collection of photos from mealtimes: from about 6 months until now (she’s just over 9 months). And wow…look how much she has grown! Not only does she approach each meal with unbridled enthusiasm…she devours nearly everything in her path. Despite the mess, I have so much fun at mealtimes with her. Most days we share a panini at lunch (I love making turkey, avocado, cheese paninis) and fresh fruit. Cottage cheese is also a favourite along with grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously, what a great baby. Thank you karma!

Let’s call this, “A Brief Photo History of Giselle’s Eating Habits”. Or something more catchy (suggestions?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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