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Quinoa “burgers”

May 31, 2013

Now here’s something new and exciting I’ve never tried before. I came across the original recipe on either Facebook or Pinterest (I can’t remember these things let along the names of my children so don’t be too hard on me here). The original recipe calls for steamed kale, but I had served up all our kale a few nights ago to Simone who shared the entire batch with a friend. I mean ALL OF IT. Then proceeded to eat nearly all the cauliflower. Some things never seize to amaze me.

Anyway, I had a bag of mushrooms in the fridge that if kept any longer, they were probably going to walk out of there so I thought I’d chop them up and fry them (yum) and add those to the quinoa instead of kale. The end results – ridiculously delicious! This was a dish enjoyed more by the grownups than the kids, but it could just be one of those things they eventually grow into (right? right?).

I think you could easily replace the mushrooms with spinach, or any other veg that may help bind the goods together.

quinoa mushroom burgers

quinoa mushroom burgers


Quinoa Burgers

1 cup uncooked quinoa (boiled then drained just as you would pasta)

1 cup breadcrumbs

1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan

4-6 cups mushrooms (chopped and fried with some onion and garlic powder)

4 eggs, beaten

S&P, olive oil


Cook the quinoa then set aside. Fry the mushrooms in butter & oil (we use Rice Bran Oil) and set aside. In a large bowl beat the eggs then add all the ingredients except the olive oil. Stir well, then form patties and place on wax paper. The above portions created 13 patties for me. Transfer to fridge for an hour or so (if you have the time – which I rarely do) so they can keep their shape better.

When you are ready to cook them, heat oil on high heat on a stove-top griddle and add patties. Remove from heat once they are a nice light to medium brown colour on the outside.

I served mine with sliced avocado (which Giselle ate off our plates, of course) and spicy chipotle mayo. You could also use Frank’s Hot Sauce or Salsa.

Yum! Give them a try and let me know how they turn out and what, if any, modifications you make.

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  1. April 28, 2014 4:02 am

    AWESOME recipe!! It was so good and so easy! I used muffin moulds and baked it which made it even easier. THANKS!!


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